The home of Artisan Brewing

It all began in 1860 in the Cotswold village of Wickwar, surrounded by the rolling Wessex countryside. The purity of the locally sourced Cotswold water was impossible to resist, perfect for brewing traditional ale that is both satisfying and easy to drink.

As the brewery grew, so did its reputation and today, although the world has changed around us, our methods have stayed the same. Because once you hit upon a winning formula, well, if it ain’t broke…

Easy drinking premium beer, that is as old as time, inspired for the modern world

Brewing is an art

Every morning we begin the process of brewing with a spring in our step and commence each brew by mashing in with our local Cotswold water. We hand pick only the finest raw ingredients to complement our unique strain of yeast that has remained the same since we started brewing, to produce the well balanced flavours that characterise the beer we’re famous for. With years of dedication to our craft and a brotherhood of brewers who pass down their knowledge through the generations, keeping our secrets and developing the recipes first written on parchment or whispered in hushed reverence, we create contemporary beers with a wealth of tradition. 

For the love of a tall story

Beer brings us together

There is nothing better in life than good company and great beer. For us, the real magic happens when we sit down with friends to trade stories, and if every good tale comes with a fine ale, it helps the truth to stretch and the good times to roll. We call it tall stories from the tall glass.


Public houses are homes from home

Not only do we support pubs across the country, Wickwar Wessex Pub Co even has its own, binding their communities together in the time-honoured tradition with a natural contemporary twist. No one can deny the sense of belonging a good pub provides and when you find yourself in your comfort zone, you know you can shut out the world and relax. It’s the escape that only a British pub can offer, and it’s something to celebrate and cherish.