In 2017, how many of you came across a devastating article about the terrible effect plastic is having on our environment and our oceans? And, you’ve probably all seen that harrowing image of the turtle with a plastic straw up its nose?  

We did and have been driven to make our first New Years Resolution of 2018; ‘A commitment to help preserve our oceans, by completely abolishing plastic straws from our business’.

Effective immediately, we will be banning all single-use plastic straws in all managed pub and hotel sites.  Straws will no longer be offered with every drink at the bar, but will still be available, should a customer request one.  

Our new biodegradable straws, supplied by Vegware, a manufacturing company revolutionising the compostable packaging industry, are made using vegetable extract. These innovative straws will degrade in a matter of weeks vs. other biodegradable straws, which can still take up to 30 years!

Darren Earl our Head of Operations says ‘These changes mean we will remove approximately half a million plastic straws that are used annually in our business. This move demonstrates our business is committed to preserving our oceans, by reducing the amount of non-recyclable plastic waste that we produce.’

We urge customers to support us in our plight, by not asking for a straw at the bar.